The Not-Quite-Right Reverend

From the 2013 comedy sketch "Football Church"

Mad Scientist

From the short film "Dangerous Seed," part of the 2014 Charlotte 48-hour Film Festival.

Paying the bills

I do branding and media production for my S.O.'s content powerhouse, Scopcity.

Igno Rants Podcast

Igno Rants on College Football is a light-hearted podcast focusing primarily on the SEC, with particular emphasis on Auburn and Alabama.


Live shows most weekends with Charlotte Comedy Theater! Check my schedule for the next performance.

Something Else Here?

I have lots of irons in the fire. Maybe one of them will...erm, get hot? Glow? I'm not really sure what you do with irons once you take 'em off the fire, but consider the metaphor complete.

The Head Quarters

The official site for everything you wished you could forget about me.

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30-day blog challenge (day 4): On homeschooling

First of all, this post is coming at the end of the day because it was “Homeschool Day” at a very cool place called Hickory Dickory Dock. Unlimited laser tag, bumper cars,...


30-day blog challenge (day 3): On Being Quirky

This is day 3 of my 30-day blog challenge, and I already wish it would suck a butt (to use the parlance of my 24 year-old friends). And yet here...


30-Day Blog Challenge (Day 2): On Improv

Improv is a strange thing. I spend between 5 and 15 hours a week focused on improv. I don’t get paid. And in the past year, I’ve been kissed onstage...


30-day blog challenge: (Day 1)

This guy started a 30-day blog challenge. You won’t believe what happens next… Click-bait headlines? Nailed it. Next up: Moving past the headline (as well as the minor errors on...

For maximum effect, hear Tom Hanks proclaim, "I have made fire!" from Castaway

Live to fight another day: Mischief Managed

The other day, I was driving down the road with the two youngest boys in tow, listening to The Moth podcast and enjoying a beautiful day. As the storyteller was recounting...

Screenshot 2013-08-07 at 14.27.51

(Ch)rome wasn’t built in a day

If you follow me at all, you’re probably aware that I’m a big fan of The Goog. I’ve been running Android for years, use Google Apps for my personal & business...

Time Skip

Time Skip

Let’s you and I pretend that the past 14 months of silence have been an ingenious plot device to set the reader up for the Exciting Next Installment of the series....

Traffic violator driving a 1900-vintage car being stopped by a policeman on a bicycle

An In-Compleat Catalogue of Terrible Drivers

While my lovely wife is content to write about frivolous matters (as befits her frailer gender), I present my respected readers with practical prose and intellectual idioms for healthier and...

Carey - casual - smaller

Anti-war, pro-veteran

In celebration of Memorial Day, here is a repost of an entry from November 11, 2010 Most people who know me realize that, between my Quaker faith and libertarian/anarchist values,...

Solidarity, my a**

Solidarity, my a**

Man, but y’all are a bunch of lovin’-to-see-me-hurt readers.  Enjoy!

I hate kung fu

It’s true.  I hate kung fu. Now, I know sometimes people write articles about how they “hate” something, but by the end of the article you find out they really...

Un-harness your strength

At some point in my childhood, I adopted the unwavering belief that pain was nature's command to cease working, and aches associated with muscle use were a penance for the sin of being "athletic," a condition or state of being wholly in conflict with the intellectual.