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Entrepreneur, storyteller, improviser, minor league humorist, homeschooler, and generally opinionated scuttlebug

Featured Endeavors

Here are some of the things that have been keeping me busy…


My super-amazing S.O. has launched a new venture, Scopcity, and I’ve been terribly involved in helping get that going.  It’s a simple, yet powerful concept: Scopcity finds talented writers, trains them in the secret ninja ways of awesome marketing copy, then provides turnkey content services to marketing agencies.

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I’m also running or have my hand in a few other ventures, including:

  • Helix Biz — CIO for hire. I help organizations create and implement profitable technology strategies.  I also do a lot of project rescues.
  • Kodiak Upfitters — The area’s premier provider of interior and exterior upfits, focusing exclusively on commercial vans.
  • TruckEA — Coming soon.  A B2B service startup.


I am now officially a junior cast member with Charlotte Comedy Theater. I had my first performance in September, and you should be ashamed you missed it! Follow me on Twitter or G+ to find out when my next show is!

Igno Rants on College Football

My little brother, Jeremy, made a random suggestion that we start a podcast on college football, so we randomly did.  As you might guess from the name, it’s primary focus is not professional analysis of the game. Listen from our website, subscribe on iTunes, and follow us on your favorite social media platform.